Ozone Player: Avara

The ninth Ozone Player album sees the synthesist-multi-instrumentalist Otso Pakarinen exploring calmer and more spacious environments than previously. There is much fewer meandering than on previous Ozone Player albums, no sudden twists and turns of direction here. Instead, the moods are allowed to evolve, themes to develop and unfold at their own pace.
Otso Pakarinen: synthesisers, guitar, percussion and soundscapes
Laura Soininen: vocals (1)
Kimmo Pörsti: drums (6, 10)
Cover image by @nextflownet
Cover Layout by Otso Pakarinen
1 Avara 2 Liplatuskeskus 3 Puolikuutio 4 Outo luoto 5 Sammallammas 6 Väistöpyramidi 7 Porous 8 Kehopyykki 9 Harvatori 10 Ilmava 11 Lammet
Released 2021

Nätti ja Matti

Nätti ja Matti is the soundtrack album from the documentary film of the same name.
Otso Pakarinen: keyboards
The album is available in streaming services.
Released 2021.

The Mind Gap

Otso Pakarinen: synthesizers, sampled instruments, guitars, percussion
Laura Soininen: vocals (3, 13, 14)
Kimmo Pörsti: drums and percussion (4, 8, 9)
Eero Koivistoinen: soprano sax (2, 11)
Jussi-Matti Haavisto: viola (6)
Released 2018.

Ozone Player / Matt Howarth
Long-range Influence

Released in 2011 (VP008)

Orange Apples

Released in 2008,
The fifth Ozone Player album. (VP007)

Frozen Paint On Boiling Canvas

Released in 2005.
The fourth Ozone Player album (VP006).


Released in 2002
The third Ozone Player album (VP004).


Released in 2001.
A compilation of 29 soundtrack pieces (VP002).

Insane Logic

Released in 2000.
The first Ozone Player album. (VP001).

Other Projects

Terho Segerstam Pakarinen: PST!

Improvised expeditions to the musical subconscious.
Tuukka Terho - 10-string acoustic guitar, voice, effects, guitar synthesizer, arpeggiator
Leif Segerstam - Synthesizer, voice
Otso Pakarinen - Synthesizers
Released in 2022,

Tunti (ja 40 v) sitten

Digitally cleaned and mastered version of Otso’s cassette album from 1982
Otso Pakarinen - Syntesizers, sequencer, drum machine, organ, electric piano, drums, bicycle wheel, found voices
Esa Hyvönen - vocals and lyrics (10)
Released in 2022.